What is it? Answers 136

Saturday, October 14, 2006

793. Stanley clapboard gauge, used to obtain a gauged width of board when installing clapboards or lap siding. Normally used in pairs to position both ends of the board.

794. Ediphone dictation machine, a photo of Edison using one can be seen here.

795. Device for applying pressure, a printer's tool for use in quoins for locking forms of type in chases. Patent number 1,169,533.

After 2-1/4 revolutions, the first piece is fully raised:

Another 2-1/2 turns for the second:

And the same for the third:

I made this drawing to show the inside parts, turning the screw forces the cylinders into the trapezoidal pieces, which raises them up:

796. RJ-22 telephone plug, from the handset.

797. Combination tool, patent number 286,458, uses include wire cutter, tack puller, knife, can opener, nut cracker, wrench, and vise.

798. This is a box knife, for opening and reclosing the boxes that held cigars, sugar, chocolate, or cheese.

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